Increase mental acuity and balance.

The Mental Force is designed to: improve flow of nutrients to brain tissues and cells; protect brain cells from negative environmental factors; increase resistance to stress.

Cardio-Vascular health

C-pack – is a set for a healthy heart. The products in the set are perfectly combined to provide nutrients and energy to the cells of the heart and ensure the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Digestive health.

Healthy Gut is a comprehensive 30-day program that aims to cleanse, restore and maintain a healthy gut. It is divided into three phases, each with a specific goal and set of ingredients that work together to promote digestive health.

Recover from respiratory infection.

A pack for recovery after a respiratory infection, developed in response to the problems encountered in 2020.

The use of this pack is especially important for recovery after recent respiratory, viral, and infectious diseases.


  • restore the body's mineral balance;

  • accelerate the elimination of toxins;

  • restore intestinal microflora;

  • normalize the psycho-emotional balance and improve mood;

  • facilitate falling asleep and improve the quality of sleep;

  • strengthen weakened immunity.

A gentle introduction to the health concept.

The Go Pack set is a balanced combination of the 5 most popular Coral Club products that support your digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems. These products also help detoxify your body, improve metabolism and cope with stress.

It is an easy solution for those who are just starting to take their first steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Delicious Beauty Shake, 500 g / 20 portions

  • The ultimate beauty potion packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and collagen. Sip your way to beauty bliss with this powerful shake!


Chocolate, 25 g

Vanilla, 25 g

Chocolate, 500 g

Vanilla, 500 g

Raspberries, 500 g

Orange & Mango, 25 g

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