The systematic approach to

Holistic Health.

5 Step Health Concept.

This is very effective and body friendly way regulate water-salt, acid -alkaline balance using organic minerals, anti-parasite gut cleansing programs, body detox and filter organ (liver, kidneys) support, German Dr. Albert Zehr, Naturopath deep cleansing program and cellular nutrition.

The first step on your road to Holistic Health.

This pack supports optimal hydration of the whole body. The products in the pack help to normalize the water-salt and acid-base balance in the body, improve the quality of the water you drink, and help increase endurance and stamina.

Step 2.  Parasite cleaning

Get ready to say goodbye to unwanted guests with Parashield Plus - the ultimate 60-day protection pack! Packed with the power of plant extracts, enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, this comprehensive formula helps you undergo a thorough cleansing process that removes unwelcomed guests from your body.

Step 3 Detoxify your body

If you are seeking to feel rejuvenated and full of energy, Coral Detox has got you covered. This powerful set of products offers a comprehensive approach to detoxification, helping to flush out toxins, support healthy cells, and boost your overall vitality.

Step 4 Go Detox (Colo-Vada)

Say hello to healthier, happier digestion with Go Detox - an innovative 14-day cleansing program designed to restore your body's natural balance and minimise occasional daily discomfort. Go Detox promotes a healthier gut microbiome, supports metabolism with vitamins and minerals, helps to get rid of toxins and promotes healthy bowels.

Step 5 Cellular nutrition.

Its specialised composition includes essential nutrients that support normal cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, and immune system functioning. Nutripack also enhances metabolic and regenerative processes within the body, in turn, promoting optimal health and wellness outcomes.

Boost your immunity.

Support your body's natural defences with the Immunity Pack - a set of supplements and vitamins that can help increase your resistance to environmental factors, promote tissue regeneration, and maintain skin and mucous membrane health.

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